It is said that every person has the ability to positively impact the world by looking within and harnessing their God given gifts. As a result, that energy will birth a product that is organic and full of life. For Allison that is ART. Working as a creative to bring awareness to contentious topics and social norms is a role that Allison does not take lightly. Within her portfolio Allison has pieces that are both visually appealing and thought provoking. Nonetheless you can find a message and/or a story behind every item she creates.

Allison’s goal as an artist is to push the limit on what is normal regarding; techniques, color pallets, concepts and collaborations. All of which are elements making art this “living and breathing thing” that should be constantly evolving and progressive. As a member of the art community, firstly by lineage, Allison hopes to challenge her contemporaries to take the helm in setting the craft in the right direction that is sustainably creative. For those to follow, her goals is to leave them with a “canvas” of hope being comprised of the understanding that ART is life, culture, and a communication tool.

Some key focuses on Allison’s roadmap over the course of the next 3 years is to continue partnerships with brands who seek a new creative direction, stepping into community based initiatives as they present themselves, and continuing to lay the groundwork for the philanthropic activities of Dayka Design.